Remembering Kobe

Remembering Kobe

On January 26th, Kobe Bryant, a former NBA basketball player, a successful businessman, an Oscar award winner, a loving husband, and father died along with his daughter and seven other people in a helicopter crash.

The New York Times reported that “Kobe’s helicopter crashed into a fog-covered hillside near Calabasas, California while on the way to Gianna’s [his daughter’s] youth basketball tournament.”

Kobe Bryant had such a tremendous impact on people not just in the United States, but across the world. His work ethic and drive to be great is what made him successful in all the things he did, and it is why so many people respected and looked up to him. His focus and dedication would later be known as his “Mamba mentality.” When news of his death came out, it was as if the whole world shut down for a moment. All who loved him were in states of mourning, basketball games were postponed, and many people dedicated whatever they thrived at to him.

As an icon, the athletes that Kobe had inspired, from all sports, made tributes to him by wearing his jersey numbers, holding the ball in basketball games to cause an 8-second violation, and people all around the world when throwing away trash would scream “For Kobe” instead of saying the original phrase, “Kobe.” CHS senior Tyler Toussant said, “He was my idol and a person I looked up to ever since I was a little kid. I use to shoot trash in the trash can and say, Kobe. I remember seeing how good of a basketball player he was while being on the Lakers.” Tyler highlighted the loss of   Kobe and is an example of what other students at CHS are feeling after the death of an influential player in the game of basketball.

Being a student at CHS, I noticed how our Catholic High community has been affected by this tragedy. When students returned to school Monday, January 27th, his death was the news of the day, and everyone talked about it in the morning; it was talked about at lunch, and it was talked about during most practices and after school activities. Sophomore Josh Robertson expressed his feelings on the situation saying, “It was so detrimental to me because I really looked up to Kobe, and wanted to base my game off of him and so when he passed it hurt me badly.” So many people posted on Instagram and Snapchat how they felt about the situation, and how hard it was to see their hero/icon pass. I, too, participated in the posting as I grieved the loss of a person I respected and looked up to. Kobe Bryant never took a day off and had an outstanding work ethic which showed in his performance. Anytime I wanted to give up on something and walk away, he was the person who helped me endure my challenges and thrive throughout my life. I figured if Kobe, “The Mamba,” could have the Mamba mentality, then I could acquire it as well.

As weeks go by, Kobe’s death has not been forgotten and continues to be discussed in everyday life. Murals and paintings are seen all over Los Angles to pay tribute to the amazing relationship he had with his daughter. We will remember a father who dedicated his life to his daughters, and a daughter who wanted to carry on the legacy of her father. To all who respected and loved Kobe and Gianna, they will forever be an inspiration to those who desire to be great.