The Joy of Memes

Hayden McDowell, Staff Writer

Whether you realize it or not, memes affect our day to day lives greatly. Whether it be the way we talk to people or why we make noises with our mouths or with our laptops in the middle of class to get a laugh.

Whether it be playing Veggie Tales, SpongeBob, or Minecraft noises to get a laugh and bring light to a boring day, I know my classmates have heard it all. These noises are often made to get a laugh and people make a meme out of it and to make people laugh even though they are at school. Most of the time it is used to lighten up the boredom or mundane life of an average high school boy. An average day for one of us will typically look like: wake up, get dressed, go to school, go to class, sometimes go to sports before or after school, stay up until midnight doing physics homework, go to bed, and repeat. Day-to-day, five days a week, this can drive someone insane. But every now and then, you’re in class and you see that picture, or hear that sound, and it sparks a laugh out of you and everyone else around you; you send it to your friends in other classes and it brings joy to the everyday schedule. It can be anywhere from simple to complex. Nowadays we are referred to as having Gen-Z humor, which no one else understands. We find it fun to look at an older person and say “ok boomer.” We find this fun because our generation has come to have a more simplistic and dumb sense of humor. We find many different things funny for no apparent reason other than it’s just plain stupid.

Everyone remembers getting those GAMEDAY emails during football season, but the only thing anyone remembers from those was when the senior replied all and to say, “ok boomer.” Was he punished by the school? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Why? Because it broke up the mundane schedule of everyone and made anyone who saw it laugh. Another example is the email chain where the student emailed the whole school “sup.” Was this a cheap trick at a laugh? Of course, but it worked. It worked because of how stupid it was. We are a school of teenage boys, and we laugh at just about anything and everything shown to us. We laughed because they were taking something mundane like getting an email or sitting in class and risking themselves getting in trouble to just say “sup” or “ok boomer” to the whole school. This is humor to us because of how unexpected it is and how simple it is.

Memes are relevant to us in our daily lives because many of us use them as a scapegoat to not do homework, to get a quick giggle, and, sometimes, to escape our everyday lives. No matter who you are, from star football player to the average student, we can all relate through memes. They have the ability to bring a community together and make us all laugh no matter how pointless they are.