How to Make the Best March Madness Brackets


Hayden Shaheen, Staff Writer

The NCAA March Madness tournament is a very intense and competitive event for teams and players, but also the millions of fans who make brackets to see who will win. These predictions have grown into a time-honored tradition every year where fans all across the country compete to make their best predictions of how the tournament will go.


  • Do your research
    • Figure out the probability for each game before you pick. Each sports show on TV will give very accurate predictions on every game to help fans make accurate predictions.
  • Don’t pick with heart
    • Just because you want your favorite team to make it doesn’t mean they will. Your favorite team upsetting a way higher seed is not very likely and can ruin your bracket very quickly.
  • Don’t trust the number 1 seeds
    • Just because a team is #1 does not mean they are guaranteed to win it all. Although picking them to win is a safe bet, all four 1 seeds winding up in the final four also isn’t very likely.
  • Pick at least one upset
    • Although it is smart to pick at least one upset because this is where your bracket stands out, picking an upset is risky and can get you in a bind, but if you pick it right, your bracket will excel past the others.
  • Don’t be the Upset Guy
    • Picking an upset can quickly get out of hand, and not every game is going to be an upset–sometimes going with the logical choice is right. Using the obvious and given information is your safest bet due to the straight-up facts about teams who are better.
  • Have FUN
    • You will drive yourself crazy trying to make the best bracket because you wanna pick the one seeds to win, but you can’t always trust the one seeds and have to pick some upset games, but then you don’t want to pick too many upsets… so just try and have some fun!