Big Buck Contest

Charlie Hebert, Staff Writer

What does it mean to shoot a deer? For some people, it is a means to get food otherwise unavailable in the commercial world. Venison’s low fat and high protein content make it healthier for the consumer compared to conventional beef. For others, it is the chase that draws them to the hunt. The cat and mouse game hunters play is something that allows people to develop skills and work towards a goal. Sometimes deer hunting is as easy as sitting in a blind and waiting on an animal to appear. Other times there are hours of considerable preparation taking place just to have a chance at seeing something. Hunting is a sport built off of long lines of tradition and most hunters have grown up outdoors and learned from members of their family. Personally, being able to go hunt with my family and friends is one of my favorite parts about the sport. Hunting is also about conservation and respect for the game being hunted. Good hunters respect the animals they take and abide by laws and regulations in order to conserve the hunting experience for future generations without letting overpopulation of animals become an issue. Hunting for deer in general can be a difficult task but it is especially challenging to take a trophy buck. It takes patience, good timing, knowledge of the weather, patterning, and plain good luck to have a chance at a big one. This is why we have decided to highlight some students’ accomplishments over this past season to show readers how positive a life in the outdoors can be.

Andrew Ivey:

Andrew Ivey took this 225-pound whitetail in Catahoula Parish with help from his Browning .300 and Sitka vest. This buck wasn’t scored due to its multiple broken antlers from getting into fights. It’s a hard life for a big buck out there clawing and scratching, or in this case stomping and running antler-first into some more antlers. #curdeer @sitkagear @Browningfirearms




Hayden Holloway:

This Texas stud was harvested by Hayden Holloway in San Saba, Texas on his grandfather’s ranch. It was a scorching Texas day when this buck walked out at 85 yards, and Hayden took him out with his Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor. Hayden took this buck with minimal sponsors, which is a tough thing to come by this day and age. @rugerofficial


Jackson Tate Poe:

This nice ten-point was taken in El Paso, Texas by Jackson Tate Poe. Poe took this deer over Thanksgiving, missing school and leaving at 3:00 am on the preceding Friday to make the 12-hour drive. Poe used his 6.5 Creedmoor to take this 157-inch buck and said that the trip was, “definitely worth the lunch duties.” This harvest was made possible by Kuiu Ultralight Hunting. @Kuiu_official.





Thomas Bofinger:

Thomas Bofnger shot this unique buck in Franklin, Louisiana over christmas break when his uncle brought him on a trip to hopefully take a massive buck. Thomas saw bigger deer on his hunt, but took this cull buck instead in the name of conservation. A cull is a buck that hunters take to improve the quality of the herd, mainly through passing genes of bigger, healthier deer, and taking the ones with weaker genes. Thomas killed this 130 class buck, which is much bigger than a traditional cull, with his Ruger 7mm Magnum that was passed down to him by his father. He also had help from his Southern Marsh shirt that his girlfriend gave him and his Kuhl pants. @Lucylaville @Boftree @Husqvarnachainsaws @SouthernMarsh @Kuhl #frat


Dylan Scalise:

Dylan Scalise took this South Texas buck in Corpus Christi. He took this 140 class buck using a Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor. He also had help from his Game Guard shirt from Praseks Smokehouse in Sealy, Texas, a great place to stop on your way to a Texas hunt. @gameguard_outdoors @PraseksSmkhouse








Winner: Beau Landry

Here we have our winner of the 2019-2020 Bearly Published Big Buck Contest, Beau Landry and his Pointe Coupee Parish monster. It was tough to pick from all of these contenders but we ultimately felt that this local buck was deserving of the win. This buck weighed in at 220 pounds and had a rack that was 17 inches wide on the inside and 18 ½ on outside. Landry saw this massive swamp donkey chasing a doe when it stopped at 200 yards for him to take a shot with his Remington 7 mm Mag. Landry also had some help from his RedHead hoody, Realtree beanie, and Lacrosse boots. Congratulations Beau! @Remingtonarmscompany @Realtreeoutdoors @Lacrossefootwear



Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Bearly Published Big Buck Contest. Hunting is a sport often overlooked at Catholic High, and it is great to see people in our community being successful in the woods. We at the Bearly Published know how hard students work out in the field and we know how important hunting can be to people’s lives. Once again, thank you and Congratulations.


Also, Here are some of our entries that did not make the final list:

Blake Broome:

Here is Blake Broome and the current pending Louisiana state non-typical bow record buck killed in St. Francisville, Louisiana.





Emory Duggar:

Here is Emory Duggar and his very unique kill taken with his Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster.