Where are the Seniors Going?

Where are the Seniors Going?


May 16th, Raisin Canes River Center: You will hopefully physically walk across the stage and finally be handed your diploma. Four to five years of hard work will have finally paid off. You celebrate with your friends and prepare to move onto the next chapter of your life.

College is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. The freedom of not being bound by a set schedule and the ability to study what you want to do in life is a great feeling. However, one of the things you have to do is say goodbye to your former classmates. Some of your classmates you may see in college, but some may move away.

The Class of 2020 is preparing to experience this, and many people may wonder: where are you going to college? Some seniors shared their choices and the reasoning behind them. Christopher Shannon ’20 is staying in Baton Rouge and is planning on attending Louisiana State University. Christopher says that his reasoning behind his choice is that “LSU is relatively cheap compared to other colleges, and it is where all my friends are going.” Chris likes to keep it inexpensive and plans on studying architecture while at LSU.

Unlike Chris, many seniors plan on moving away for college. London Drummond ’20 plans on attending Howard University in Washington D.C. London says that he is looking forward to being able to have a sense of freedom and being able to live in another part of the country. When asked why he chose Howard, London says, “Well you see, it’s only one of America’s finest HBCU’s, and you could say that I am a legacy of sorts. My mother and my grandfather went there.” London has a family line of attending Howard, and he too plans on continuing the legacy.

When talking about college choices, we obviously cannot leave out our various student-athletes who got offers to play ball at a specific university. Cur Dog long snapper Emory Duggar ’20 is a D1 commit to the University of Kansas, where he will continue to play football at the collegiate level under the coaching of former LSU coach Les Miles. When asked about what he is looking forward to most about attending this university, Emory said, “The opportunity to play big-time football and to be around a lot of high-quality athletes who can get me better at my position. And the opportunity to experience a new part of the country.”  The opportunity to play college football is one that Emory could not pass up, and we hope the best for him in his collegiate career.

Personally, I chose to attend Louisiana State University. LSU has always been a dream school of mine. From Saturday nights in Death Valley to my family legacy, LSU was my #1 choice when applying for colleges. I am looking forward to being able to dorm with my friends and being able to study what I choose.

Senior year is truly special. From your last football game to your final day as a Bear, you build moments that you will never forget. Though our final days may seem a little different because of the COVID-19 pandemic, hopefully all seniors are still enjoying their closing time as a Catholic High student. College is one of the greatest experiences in a person’s life, and being able to study your passion is amazing an opportunity. Whether or not you stay in town or move far away, remember to never stop chasing your dreams.