College Essentials

Wesley Callegan, Staff Writer

One of the most important days in a person’s life is coming up shortly. It is when high school students become adults and parents get an empty room. Move-in Day for colleges is a very important journey because it marks when you will be living on your own and having more responsibility.

As you prepare to spread your wings and move into your own spot next fall, I’ve collected some advice on what to bring with you.

Some items that students must have in their dorm are:

  • Toothbrush
  • Snacks
  • Pillow and bed accessories
  • Power strip for chargers
  • Money for the washer and dryer

Many students from Catholic High will be moving out of their houses, and I asked them, “What is one item you’re going to bring from your house to college next year?” The answers I received ranged all over the place, highlighting our different priorities.

Senior Cooper Brown, said that he will be bringing his collection of paintbrushes with him to keep up the art he loves doing. While senior, Zach Ordeneaux said that he will be bringing the most important hygiene tool, a toothbrush. Senior Luke McGibboney said that he will be bringing his “console of the Xbox” to keep him company while he is in Eunice. Another senior, Kason Cullins said that he is going to bring his pet bird, Bernie or a picture of him because he “can’t live without him” even in the dorm or apartment.

This time for teenagers can be very stressful so knowing that they can bring whatever makes them feel at peace is very beautiful because these items can be comforting when they’re in a new place.