COVID-19’s Impact on the Sports World

COVID-19s Impact on the Sports World

Everyone knows by now that the COVID-19 virus has completely shut down all sporting events from being played in order to contain it. This deeply effects everyone around the world because sports are such a huge part of human culture. Sports define most people in the world. It’s not just a pastime, it’s life for some people. To see that get taken from us is just almost unthinkable. It doesn’t feel real. Also, it affects news channels and Sports Center by giving them nothing to put out to the public. Sports Center has resorted to replaying old games and posting trick shot videos to get more views. Although no sports are being played, recruiting and trades are still a big talk right now and gives us some excitement for when sports come back.

First I asked Ben Johnson and Tyler Ginn how they felt about the cancelling of all sporting events and what we should do about it. “I think that it is needed at this point but the ones that are further down the line, like the baseball world series, we shouldn’t jump the gun this much and re-assess when we get there,” said Ben. Tyler said, “I think it’s necessary but I don’t think we should continue cancelling anything in advance because we don’t know how long this will last.” Ben and Tyler are very big sports fans, especially basketball and golf. Sports are very pivotal in these guys’ lives so the cancelling of the Master’s, March Madness, NBA, etc… is very hard to accept for them.

Society as a whole cares so much about sports because it is really more than just a game. The teamwork involved cannot be found anywhere else. It is hard to understand if you haven’t played a sport before, but for those people that have, they know. This sports drought has many people heartbroken and depressed.

As you can tell, it is not a popular decision to take sports away from people as it makes life not as fun. I do not like the idea of playing games without fans in attendance as it completely ruins the atmosphere that sports are all about. The games just wouldn’t be the same. I think that this will all blow over around May and we will get our beloved sports back. Although I am not a medical professional, I would assume that sports are just too pivotal to our society that they will come back around the middle of May because there is just too much money, time, and passion involved for them to be gone for so long.