Challenge Day Eve

Challenge Day Eve

Every spring, Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy compete in a series of little games and races for an event called Challenge Day. Challenge Day began in 2005 and has been a wholesome competition every year since then. It is not only a friendly competition on the day of Challenge, but also before the event ever takes place. Every year, weeks before game day, both CHS and SJA hold food drives that are vital to the competition. Not only do these drives help the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, but bonus points are given to the school that donates the most cans for the food drive.

But while the food drive and Challenge Day activities are school-sanctioned events, Challenge Day Eve is not. Challenge Day Eve has been a tradition for Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy students for years. Every year, the night before Challenge Day, students have gotten together and had a good time with various activities related to Challenge Day. However, this all ended in 2017 when students had a “food fight” at Olympia Stadium. They completely trashed Olympia Stadium and the Perkins Road Community Park with eggs, other foods, and litter. Police were called to the area when a woman complained that her car was egged.

Police reported the large group of people was dressed in garbage bags, throwing food – including eggs and flour – at one another. Police initially saw the fight at the BREC park’s skate area but found trash across the park. Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy released statements the next day, “It is with extreme disappointment that the administrative teams of St. Joseph’s Academy and Catholic High School have decided to cancel Challenge Day 2017. Poor decisions made by students from both schools led to this decision.” They asserted that this decision was necessary because the actions of the students undermined the mission and vision of both schools.

Punishments were given out throughout the next few weeks. The school didn’t know who all was involved but they eventually found out through students telling them, or photo/video evidence of them being there. It seemed that those involved were mostly seniors and some juniors, this even included the Student Body presidents of Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy. Truly a dark day for both schools.

Now disciplinarian, Dr. Eldringhoff, has warned students that if any similar activity happens this year or any other year, then Challenge Day will be canceled forever. However, it seems as though Catholic High students won’t have to work too hard to cancel Challenge Day this year because the Coronavirus has likely done it for them. On April 2nd, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards extended the lockdown till April 30th, dropping the already small chance of Challenge Day happening.