Coronavirus vs. High School Baseball

Philip Gordon, Staff Writer

Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes. People of all ages play it around the country at different levels of competition, but it might be over for our Catholic High Bears this year. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, the 2020 baseball season has been put on hold for now. In response to this news I asked two seniors on the team, Wesley Callegan and Luke McGibboney, what their thoughts were about the decision made.

Both Luke and Wesley are pitchers for the Bears and were looking forward to the season. When asked about what his initial reaction to the postponement of the season, Wesley responded, “My initial reaction was that I was very surprised but could see it coming due to the cancellation of the NCAA and professional sports.” I also questioned him about his current thoughts about it, and if he personally thinks the postponement should have taken place. He said, “I was very disappointed because it was postponed, but we still do not know if we will play again and that makes me sad. We were just starting the year off, and it was going to be the last year I’ll ever play baseball, and we all wanted to win a championship. At first I thought it shouldn’t have happened, but after seeing how many people have been affected by the virus and how easily it spreads, I have a better feeling for the postponement.”

I asked Luke the same questions, and he responded, “My initial reaction to baseball being cancelled was I could kind of see it coming, but I never believed it would happen. It’s something I’ve played my whole life and love truly. Having a chunk of my senior year taken really hurt, and for a day or two I was very sad and upset. I started to look at the positives knowing I can’t stop working, hoping and knowing we will be back in early April.” He also said, “I wish it never would’ve been cancelled. At the beginning I thought that it’s high school baseball, just let us keep playing. We could maybe cut attendance down, but as time went on, I see now why it was cancelled, not wanting to get elderly or young people sick. It is postponed and it is not over so there’s something to look forward to, and I can’t wait to finish my senior season with my boys and bring home state.”

Both of them really showed how excited the team was to play this year. We can only hope now that the U.S. is able to beat the virus quickly and our boys get to play together one last time and bring home a state title.