How to Boil Crawfish

Hayden Shaheen, Writer

Here in Louisiana, crawfish boils are a time-honored tradition and are always a good time for family and friends. Boiling crawfish can be a daunting task for whoever is doing them, but through the years, people have seemed to master the craft. Here is an easy step by step guide to boiling some tasty crawfish.

1. Buy crawfish- the amount will range with the amount of people you are having but a good scale to go buy is that 2 sacks can feed around 8-10 people, perfect for this pandemic we’re experiencing.

2. Buy supplies- The number of things needed to boil crawfish can range on the rather pricy side because of how much you need

  • In order to boil: boiler, large pot, stirring paddle
  • Seasoning: many seasonings can be added, pick to your own taste, salt
  • Ect: large buckets to clean crawfish (ice chest), long table (to lay crawfish on)

3. Clean Crawfish- This process is called purging, place your crawfish in a bucket with water and salt, this will cause the crawfish to pee, poo, and vomit out everything you don’t want to eat

4. Boil Water- Hook your boiler up to the propane tank and place pot full of water on top and begin boiling the water

5. Adding seasoning- Once the water has begun to boil, you can add your seasoning to the water you can also add things such as corn at this time if they are frozen

6. Add crawfish- This is the fun part, now you can add the clean crawfish into the boil

7. During boil- Toward the end of the boil you can add things such as potatoes, mushrooms, etc, into the pot. Also, stir pot regularly: remember the longer those crawfish sit in the boil mix the spicier they get so be careful.

8. Seeing when ready- Some people go by the color of the crawfish in the water to see if they are ready but a sure-fire

way it to use your paddle and test a couple of them out

9. Eating Crawfish- The best part is here. Sit back and enjoy the good time and dine on a delicious Cajun delicacy.

Remember to boil responsibly and with all this social distancing going on make sure to keep your boils small, nothing big. When you are enjoying your crawfish make sure to maintain a safe 6-foot distance from everyone.