DAD BOD VS. BEACH BOD – Which Should You Rock This Summer?


Grant Reames

As summer comes rolling around the corner, many guys have begun to wonder… which body type should I achieve in order to stand out on the beach? Throughout recent history, the unanimous winner has always been the shredded “Beach Bod,” but times are changing. Thanks to social media accounts such as Total Frat Move and Barstool Sports, the infamous “Dad Bod” has slowly, but surely, gained worldwide attention. After a myriad of research, I believe I may have found the answer.


Let us take a trip back in time, shall we? The year is 1983. You’re on the nice, sandy beaches of Florida, and you can hear “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie blaring in the background. There are people all around you having the time of their lives. As you survey your surroundings, one specific thing becomes clear. The guys around are all rocking their best Beach Bods. This body type had become the social norm and the women are interested. These guys had Arnold Schwarzenegger to look up to as an idol. They spent every minute of their free time in the gym just to prepare for the beach. Now, we fast forward 37 years to January 1st, 2020. The fireworks are popping off and you are making your New Year’s Resolutions. One thought comes to mind: “I should start going to the gym so I can look great for this summer.” But is this mindset really necessary?


The infamous, yet glorious, Dad Bod has been prevalent since the dawn of time. This specific body type has run rampant once the average man has reached his 40’s. Dad Bods have always been socially acceptable for older men because they no longer feel the pressures of having to impress a suitable partner. The prodigious gut that ultimately classifies a body as Dad worthy is a product of minimal exercise and unhealthy eating habits. Now we must ask ourselves this question: “Would this body type be acceptable for the beach?” The answer is only a few short interview answers away.


Typically, women are the ones that worry about being “beach ready” and how they may appear in a swimsuit; however, men feel the same way. I decided to interview a few of my female friends in order to receive an inside look at what the girls may think about the topic.


Initially, girls were not hesitant in determining that the Beach Bod reigned supreme over the Dad Bod, but some answers shed light on the Dad Bod. Zoey Zeringue provided this article with great advice stating “I personally would rather the Beach Bod over the Dad Bod, but I am in no way dissing the Dad Bod.” On the other hand, Emma Hidalgo had an interesting way of putting things by explaining “Honestly, the dad bod is in right now but I prefer a nice mix between the Dad and Beach Bod.” This decade has marked the beginning of the body positivity movement where people can feel strong and confident in their bodies. Men and women alike no longer have to worry about losing weight or putting on muscle to impress others.  The final interviewee chose to not be named, but left us with a great statement: “I do not care whether a guy has rock hard abs or a squishy gut, what really matters is on the inside. I would not want to be with a Beach Bod if he has a poor personality, but instead I could be with a Dad Bod that can absolutely rock his physique.”


After collecting my data and opinions for this topic, I realized something extraordinary: Men should not have to worry about how their body looks, they should worry about their character. The attraction lies within; girls would rather have a guy that provides a sense of security and vivacity than having to stand a jerk with a six pack. In reality, everybody on the beach will just be looking for a good time. Your body should not be a focus point while preparing. The only things that you should bring on vacation is a good time and sunscreen.