Turning Point: More Options and a Push Towards Sustainability

Parker St. Romain, Staff Writer

Since 2011, CHS has had lunches catered by Piccadilly, but this year, CHS has switched over to Turning Point Food Services. A change that students have found to be a great improvement. Turning Point is a catering business owned by City Group Hospitality, a company who owns City Pork, City Slice, Rouj Creole, and Beausoleil Coastal. Turning Point is now operating out of the brand new Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Student Center, still serving the classic menu items along with new items like the “Big Pig.”

You may have noticed a few of the changes this year, one being the new Blue Bell ice cream fridge that has multiple flavors of ice cream or the french fries, which students are raving about. CHS Senior Carson Giambrone said, “The french fries are my favorite change they have made. I really like the seasoning on it and how they are served every day.” There have also been some small changes that students have noticed. “I think the bread has improved on the fried chicken sandwiches, it is much better quality,” says Giambrone. “I also really like the new wraps that they have. My favorite is the fried chicken wrap which they did not have last year.”

Most of the changes revolving around the food is on the left side, serving new foods like the “Chili Mac” and “Pot Roast.” A lot of the student favorites are still served such as the Blackened Chicken Pasta and Chicken Tenders. Katy Touchstone, who works at Turning Point, says “Turning Point Food Services will still be providing the CHS favorites along with some fun new menu items.” Garrett Accardo, a CHS senior, says, “I am glad that they kept most of the foods that they served last year. The fried chicken sandwich and the blackened chicken pasta is my favorite so I am happy that they kept it.”

Not all of their changes have to do with food. Turning Point plans to transition into using reusable dishware which will decrease the amount of single-use plastics that is used every day. Touchstone explains, “Students will have to bring the dirty dishware to the dish room window with their tray when they are finished with lunch. We look forward to providing a more environmentally friendly sustainable dining experience for the CHS family.” COVID-19 unfortunately delayed these plans, but they “anticipate having reusable dishware possibly before the end of this school year,” says Touchstone.

Overall, students at Catholic High are happy with the change and have found the food to be better for the most part, having an extended variety of choices while keeping the majority of things the same (including being served by a smiling Mrs. Wanda every day)!