COVID-19 Problems for Bear Nation


Trevor Windham, Staff Writer

Starting the 2020-2021 school year, nobody really knew if we would be able to have a football season. We soon found out that there would be a football season, but there would be limits on how many people would be able to be in the stands. While it is exciting to be having a season, everyone is disappointed by the limit on fans as well as how far we have to stand from each other. This takes away the fun of watching the games with your friends and brings down the noise level of the student section down. At the start of the season, a only 25 percent capacity was allowed, but it bumped up to 50 percent capacity after the second game, and now it is back down to 25 percent. This was a big deal because it allowed more people to go to the games, and cheer on the team. This increased the noise level drastically in the stands.

Bear Nation is a big part of CHS football and without all of the students in the stands, it definitely isn’t the same. It is also disappointing that everyone has to stand a certain distance away from each other to abide by the COVID-19 guidelines. This makes it harder to say the same chants and people feel awkward being so far away. People are not always able to figure out what chants are coming up, and it messes everything up.

Bear Nation leader, Berk Jones, in an interview said, “Despite the precautions and social distancing required to keep the student section safe. I feel like Bear Nation, as a whole, has done an amazing job of getting into the games and defending our title as the greatest student section in the nation!” When Berk says they have done a great job given the circumstances, he is saying that everyone in the student section has done a good job coming out and being loud during the games and showing support for the team. We are still doing a great job, and we can only hope that the amount of people allowed in the games will increase.

While having these rules is not fun, they are in place for a reason. These rules are in place to keep people safe, and make sure the virus doesn’t spread. Places that don’t necessarily have strict rules are seeing spikes in the virus. If we aren’t careful, the virus will spread, and we will be quarantining again. This is not what anyone wants, and as painful as it is to not be able to have the Bear Nation we had in the past, we have to just enjoy being able to go to the games with the rules.