Why Phones Should Be Allowed at Lunch

Patrick Quigley, Staff Writer

Phones are an essential tool for every human in this day and age. The removal of this item from someone essentially removes a part of the person. We have become so attached to this device that it is almost like a second brain to us. Because of the way phones have developed, they have become an extension of us, allowing us to socialize, gain information, and communicate. Allowing students to have phones during school or even just at lunch gives students the ability to connect back with what you could call our new body part.

The phone allows people to socialize on a totally different level than years before. It allows us to communicate without actually seeing the person you are talking to and maybe even keep in touch with people in different states. It also has opened a new door called social media which gives you access to various different things. Social media has become a very big platform in everyone’s life because you can get news, talk to friends, and stay up to date on what’s going on with your favorite influencers. Social media has taken over due to the fact that it is somewhat addicting, you can find yourself losing track of time on the various different apps and sites, and you can watch funny videos and stay connected with people. This also comes with the sensation of the dopamine that is released from being on some of these apps; dopamine helps your brain function at its best, leading to the proposition of allowing phones while at school.

Phones also have a wide platform of information-gaining tools. You have access to Google, news sites, social media, etc. These can be helpful with staying up to date on the day-to-day interactions of the world. There is also a feature called Siri which is a quick and easy way to answer virtually any question you may have such as today’s weather, political queries, and any other question you can think of. This tool gives us access to the information we might need if we are struggling on a school topic such as physics; in this case, we can watch a YouTube video to help explain what we missed in class on the topic or what we are doing wrong without having to wait till the next time you see your teacher. Lastly, there are many situations that we may need to use our phones to communicate such as, letting a parent know why we are going to be late getting home from school, writing down what we need for a school project while the topic is on our mind, or an emergency where we need immediate access to 911 or a parent.