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Hubie Halloween Review



Hubie Halloween is the story of a kind-hearted small town goofball who becomes an unexpected hero, when on Halloween night, he becomes involved with a real crime, and a real murderer. Adam Sandler stars as Hubie, a lovable guy who is the biggest target of his fellow Salem, Massachusetts residents’ pranks and ridicule. In this comedy horror, Sandler is the shining star and main attraction of this movie, the role came very easily to an actor of his pedigree. There are very few characters who could have filled this role as well as him, His character Hubie Dubois, is executed by Sandler to the degree of Happy Gilmore and Bobby Boucher. But no matter how well written his character, one actor cannot carry an entire movie. The movie does what it sets out to do, be easy to understand and rely on simple characters. You have Hubie, with his kind heart and high-tech thermos cup he uses to solve problems. Kevin James stars as Sgt. Steve the not so bright local cop and friend to Hubie. Julie Bowen plays Violet Valentine, Hubie’s crush since the 2nd grade. While it won’t push you to tears and stomach pains from non-stop laughing, it provides a fair amount of chuckles and some wholesome moments. It’s absolutely one that your younger siblings will love. Witty, goofy, and a clever idea, and even some teenage love, carried by actors who play into roles of their strengths, Hubie Halloween delivers as much as expected.

The Queens Gambit Review


When you think of a Chess World Champion, what words come to mind? Patient? Nerd? Responsible? These are not words that would be used to describe Elizabeth Harmon. Played by Anya Taylor-Joy, and taking place in the 1960s, the political culture is a representation of the inner conflict occurring within Elizabeth. Orphaned at a young age and put in a foster home, Beth hits an all-time low. The only thing she can rely on is the tiny green pills the girls’ home gives her. Until one fateful day, she meets the game that will change her life. Chess. A prodigy from the start, through the years Harmon rapidly progresses in skill, and before the age of 20 is a state champion. She almost always struggles with hardship, either alcoholism, drug- addiction. All of these events and struggles lead to a gripping story that is hard to look away from. Within two episodes the show has you hooked. Checkmate, The Queens Gambit.