The Fate of Blue Bell Bulk: A Post Mortem Examination

Will Kitto , Staff Writer

Lunch. Everyone’s favorite subject, well, depending on what is being served. Over the course of your four or five years at Catholic, you will learn the best and worst meals to eat, the ones that make you feel the best later in the day and the ones that have you leaving in the middle of the seventh hour. This year, lunch has changed. The new Student Center has transformed the landscape of lunchtime for everyone at the school. Speeding up the lunch lines massively and raising the standard of food, it has been nothing but a blessing in terms of lunchtime politics.

Until now. On Friday, October 23, a new addition was made to the Student Center. Entire PINTS of Blue Bell ice cream. In a myriad of flavors and colors, they flooded the diets of students and the trashcans of the schools. Containing anywhere from 12-14 different flavors, the freezer held a treat for any pallet.

When asked what he thought of the new ice cream, Jacob Leblanc in an interview said, “It’s pretty cash money. My favorite is Moollenium crunch. I do think it was a good addition, maybe they need to add some smaller, smaller sizes because a pint of ice cream is a lot, but uh, you know, it’s good to get it after school I think that’s the most optimal purchase time because then you could, you can actually eat the entire pint.” When asked whether or not he thought the pints were healthy, he stated, “I see no issue with eating 720 calories of Moollenium crunch, even if the average caloric intake of a normal adult is 2000 calories, it does not affect me.” Jacob added why he thought it had no effect, saying, “I was already blasting those 2000 calorie limit out of the waterway before the ice cream came. You could say that the ice cream is really helping me reach my caloric goals.” After hearing this, I asked him whether he thought that, that his performance would be affected because of the number of empty calories he would be consuming in a pint of ice cream. To this, he replied that it would only have an effect if he did not know his own body, which he apparently does.

Jacob conceded that other student-athletes may have trouble. “The freshmen,” he said “need to learn how their bodies react to foods someway, sometimes the easy way, and sometimes the hard way. They’re big boys, they’ll figure it out.” He saw no slowing down in consumption and believed that the sales would stabilize eventually.

Brennan Campesi was interviewed and had quite the opposing viewpoint to bring to light. Saying “All right, so first I want to say that I don’t want to body shame any. But I do think that consuming a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting, presents a serious risk to someone’s health. Right, so the pint of ice cream is about triple the recommended serving size of your ice cream. And, I mean, you could say, well they could get a pint and not eat it all in one sitting. But keep in mind ice cream is frozen. You can’t escape that like there’s a limited time in which you can eat the ice. That not only would eating a whole pint of ice cream, make you feel pretty sick, but it’s terribly unhealthy because of the amount of calories that it puts into your system.” As a cross country runner, an athlete who has to watch his weight and eat healthily so that he can compete to the best of his ability, I decided it would be prudent if I asked him whether or not he thought it was mostly athletes eating the pints. “No, and that’s the thing. The only people at this school who would be able to burn off the whole pint of ice cream are the people who practice, but they’re not going to be eating a pint of ice cream, because that’s way too much dairy in their system and it would make them sick. The same thing applies to all of us. It’s an unbelievable amount of sugar, which could be burned by an athlete but they’re focused on getting hydrated.” He seems to believe that even if it would have little health ramifications to the average student-athlete, they still would decide not to eat the pints of ice cream because there is no point.

In my own experience, I completely agree. I decided that if I was going to write this article I had to eat a pint myself, and I regretted that decision before I had finished it. It was simply too sweet, and too rich to even make me want to finish it. Afterward, in my own practice, I felt nauseous the entire time, and that was only the short term. The flavors range from 640 to 780 calories a pint, and a prolonged surplus of empty calories from the fats and sugars from the ice cream would be disastrous for one’s health.

It seems the school realized this as well because the freezer will not be refilled. In an email, Mrs. Katy Touchstone, head of the new Student Center cafeteria, said that though they had wanted to try the idea of selling pints of ice cream, the department realized that the portion size of the pints doesn’t fit the mission of our service which is to blend CHS Favorites, City Group Hospitality specials, as well as balancing these with the understanding the overall nutritional balance with many healthy options will be the key to our success. Perhaps the pints may return for a short time, or longer if brought in smaller portions, but for now, I believe that it is a good thing that the freezer is leaving for the health of the student body, and our faculty. Currently, the school has reinstated the old system of small, single-serving sized cups of ice cream and other frozen treats.

Blue Bell Bulk’s reign lasted from 10/23/2020 to 11/2/2020. RIP.