Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Nick Atkinson, Staff Writer

Nick Atkinson

The long-standing question over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie is debated every year.

On one hand, it is classified as an action movie, and it has lots of action, so it is not a Christmas movie.  However, Jack Schliewe, a 12th grader at Catholic High School, explained why Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie.

Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie because it takes place during Christmas,” Jack says.

Die Hard is a Christmas movie just as Halloween and Friday the 13th are Halloween movies.  Action can take place in Christmas movies and still be classified as Christmas movies.  Jack also made a very interesting claim in his interview saying, “Die Hard exhibits a great family presence and a great Christmas spirit.”  Isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be about?  The warm feeling you get when you are with your family celebrating the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ.

According to the Gazette, there is a multitude of reasons why Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Overall, it is safe to say Die Hard is a perfect movie to watch with your family this Christmas time.