College Football Playoff Preview

Drew Mathews, Staff Writer

This year has been an extremely strange year for all of us. The college football season this year has been even weirder. We began this season not even knowing if it was going to ever happen.  Some conferences slowly started to create ways for the season to go forward. Most conferences decided as a whole that they were going to just play each other within the conference. We soon had our first college football game on September 3rd between UAB and Central Arkansas; these were two small teams but this night made them big as fans were dying to have football back. Since this game, we have had a pretty interesting season full of good games.

One of my favorite teams to watch this year has by far been Coastal Carolina. They have been fun to watch and are making a case for the College Football Committee to start to actually consider Non-Power 5 conference teams for the playoffs. According to the College Football Playoff Rankings, they are #13th in the country with a record of 10-0. They have had some impressive wins over BYU and Louisiana-Lafayette. Louisiana-Lafayette had an impressive win over #7th ranked Iowa State in their season opener. This should be a clear case for Non-Power 5 teams to receive votes from the committee. Louisiana-Lafayette and Coastal Carolina are scheduled to play in their conference championship on December 19th.

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Currently, the college football playoff is looking pretty normal, but there are definitely some unusual teams that are currently sitting in the Top 25. The top four as of today is:

  1. Alabama
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Clemson
  4. Ohio State

The top four includes teams that have all been to the playoffs before. Notre Dame sits above Clemson after they had an upset over Clemson in overtime that ended in a score of 47-40. They are both meet again in the ACC Championship which will surely shake up the top 4 standings. Alabama has been extremely dominating this year, even while playing a schedule against all SEC teams. They have proven through their play this year that they are a huge favorite to win the National Championship in January.

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I asked some Catholic High students about their thoughts on the playoffs this year. When asked about what he thought about the season this year, senior Luke Fusilier said, “It was an insanely intriguing and exciting season.” His prediction for the top 4 this year is “Coastal Carolina as the one, Cincinnati as the two, Bama as the three seed, and Notre Dame coming in at the 4 seed.” When senior Brad Keller was asked for his prediction, he said, “Definitely Cincinnati at number one, Alabama at number two, Ohio State, and then Coastal Carolina.”

Drew Mathews
Drew Mathews

We haven’t really been able to see much of Ohio State because of the BIG TEN’s late start to the season and other COVID-19 issues with the conference. From what we have seen of them so far this season, they have played relatively well, but I don’t know how to feel about them being in the playoffs having played so few games with no real tests.