PS5 vs. Xbox Series X

Garrett Stuprich, Staff Writer

One of the biggest console launches ever has happened this year. With the PS5 and Xbox X launching in November of 2020. It broke all records for both consoles and the demand for them is as high as the roof. Everyone is trying to either get the PS5 or Xbox X this Christmas season for either their children or adults looking to enjoy an in-home experience. However, what makes the PS5 or Xbox X so great this year.  Different software has been added to make gaming and graphics more enjoyable and more fun to play.

The PS5 has changed many things compared to the PS4. The controller has been updated and looks very high tech. The PS5 has an all-new slim build compared to the old bulky box. The best part about the new console is that it has all new specs inside the console and adds way better gaming quality. The best thing about the PS5 is that they added a better CPU and added ram to it. This makes gaming more fun and better quality for gamers.

The Xbox Series X has claimed to have better specs than the Xbox Series X this year. Toms Guide News reported, “Xbox Series X has more powerful hardware, in terms of both GPU and SSD.” This does not always mean that the Xbox will be better than the PS5. Both consoles will be really good when running multiple games and the game will only be able to tell which one is better by preference. Both consoles cost 500 and have many different things that will make each of them better. The Xbox has certain games that the PS5 does not offer. This goes both ways with PS5 also having gaming that Xbox does not offer. For example, Halo is for the Xbox and the PS5 has all the Spider-Man games.

The real questions are which one will you be buying? Everyone is going back and forth on which one is better or which is more people getting this year. A lot of people will be sticking with the same console they have had for many years. For example, Josh Marrero has been having Xbox since he was basically alive. He told us that he will be purchasing the Xbox Series X when he gets the chance. What console will you be buying?