How to De-stress Ahead of Exams

Will Kitto, Staff Writer

With Midterms coming sooner than you think, stress is rising in the school system. Weeks and months of hard work are coming to a culmination of twenty percent of your grade. For many seniors, doing well on these exams is crucial to being exempt from your finals. With all this pressure, we as students are feeling genuine stress, and some of us maybe even for the first time what with college on the horizon. I myself know that I am extremely worried about my own exams this year especially because of college, so I decided to ask a source on stress relief what the best ways to de-stress are.

The first step that Mr. Chutstz told me was to identify the stressor. “If you identify the stressor you will be able to see the best way to deal with it, like if you never identify it then how can you deal with the stress if you do not know where it comes from. Find out where it comes from.” I mean, you cannot really refute this now, can you? If you can’t see something, how can you fight it? If you do not know the stressor, how can you de-stress?

The second step he told me was to “breathe.” The rate at which your breath controls your heart rate, as well as how your brain reacts at the time to certain things. Whether he knows it or not, Mr. Chustz’s advice aligns exactly with a study conveyed by the University of Michigan Health Department. “The brain sends this message to your body. Those things that happen when you are stressed, such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease as you breathe deeply to relax.” When it comes to being stressed, not much is more powerful than controlling your breather.

The final trick that Mr. Chustz gave me as advice, was to distract yourself by doing something physical. Exercise, stretching especially, helps dramatically to relieve stress because it just gives you a break from whatever you are doing it lets you breathe and restart your body by getting your blood flowing and making your breath heavy. Whether your exams are easy, hard, or non-existent studying will help but then if you become overwhelmed then please give these tips and tricks a shot.