The Mask Bandit of Room 106

Damian Shattuck, Staff Writer

Amidst a worldwide pandemic, the shortages of protective masks have been a problem since corona cases began to surge in the United States. Just like in March, when coronavirus cases spiked for the first time, some workers and employers across the country continue to face PPE shortages. With a vaccine steadily approaching, the age of masks could be over within a year or so. But until then across the nation, the need for protective masks has not dropped.

Closer to home for students of CHS, in a classroom within the main Mall, less than 50 feet from the main lobby, within the very heart of Catholic High School, a crime is being committed. While every classroom is supplied with a surplus of surgical masks in case a student should need one, room 106’s mask supply is hit harder than any other. Someone is taking more than they need. By the end of the day, the mask box is almost depleted. But how is a fully stocked box of masks being emptied in a single day at least once or twice a week? There is a bandit among us, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not just books and a laptop stuffed in his backpack, but enough health supplies for an entire classroom.