Friendly Discipline and the Dismissal Process

Josh Marrero, Staff Writer

CHS and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to what they call “Friendly Discipline.” This means that they commit themselves to discipline students with a friendly attitude that is intended help the student grow, not just give them consequences. As the handbook states, “Catholic High School believes that learning requires a disciplined atmosphere that fosters both personal freedom and responsibility for one’s decisions. Therefore, CHS has developed a behavior policy designed to create a sanctuary for its students by providing orderly growth and development of the individual student and by promoting the health and safety of all.” Every student and faculty member at Catholic High could tell you that they have experienced this in their time at CHS.

This attitude of Friendly discipline seeps through to every instance of discipline, including the dismissal process. The dismissal process at Catholic High is an interesting process that is not set in stone and is to be interpreted differently based on each situations. I spoke to Mr. Cavalier, CHS disciplinarian, to get more information about the dismissal process and how this fits in with the idea of friendly discipline. When a student gets put up for dismissal the administration will usually talk with the student and parent to proceed with the next steps. Most of the time other things will be put in place before a student reaches the point of dismissal. Some of these include suspension, probation, or other disciplinary action. This fits into friendly discipline because CHS wants students to learn about their mistakes and how they could potentially harm themselves or others instead of just getting in trouble.

I interviewed CHS senior Trevor Windham about his experiences with disciplinary action and friendly discipline throughout his years at Catholic High. The video of our interview is attached to this article. He said that the disciplinary action that he received throughout his years helped him to mature and grow as a young man and realize that the mistakes he made were dumb and not worth it. Trevor also said that he believes in the idea of friendly discipline and was able to understand where the people around him were coming from when he got in trouble and received disciplinary actions such as probation and suspension. Overall, CHS believes in helping students to grow to be better young men through the power of God. This is evident throughout their views on discipline and is also seen even in the dismissal process.