Game Day Fits


Robert Brummel

From right to left: Caleb Warner, Topher Rives, Ben Johnson, Luke McGibboney, Carson Smith, Joe Greenwood

Walker Ridge, Staff writer

Walker Ridge
Kade Boeneke

Every Fall Friday night the Bears student section comes out in flying colors. Students come to the games in very stylish outfits. The spirit is there and that’s all that matters.

The crazy themes that Bear Nation comes up with call for some crazy outfits.  One of the Bears’ biggest games against Edna Karr came with a

Mrs. Ethridge
Sam Ethridge, Carson Smith, Kade Boeneke

raging theme of USA, and the student section came out in straight-up style. American flag tank tops and the those red, white, and blue Nike elites you got in fifth grade come in to play, and I love it. The occasional USA Olympic basketball jersey also made a showing and there is only one word for that: SWAG. Many kids showed out in red, white, and blue, but there are some that like to stick to the same outfit every game. One outfit that stands out every game is “Naish” member Carson Smith. I asked Smith what his inspiration was and how he came up with the outfit he wears every week. Smith answered with, “My outfit is an orange polyester women’s pant suit. One day I was in the locker room and found it in the lost and found, and from that moment I knew that I would wear it every game.” Another CHS senior that is a big part of the student section is Kade Boeneke. Boeneke showed out for the USA game in a crazy eagle American flag shirt, typical flag shorts and kept it classy with his school loafers. All in all, it was a great outfit.

The are many reasons the Bears student section is number one in the nation, and one of those reasons is because of our quality of outfits. It is going to be a great season with very good style, and an even better football team.