Big Orange Wave: Rolling Through Fall

Philip Gordon, Staff Writer

Coach Boudreaux and the CHS Cross Country team are off to an impressive start for their 2019-2020 season, and it’s looking like they have a good chance of making another run for the Louisiana state title this year due to the return of their veteran runners.

I sat down with the legendary Coach Boudreaux recently to ask him a few questions about the team and their expectations this season. When asked what the team’s expectations were for this year, Coach responded, “Our goal isn’t necessarily to win state, but rather to be a dominant team all around. If being dominant leads to us winning state, then great, but I’d rather us meet our full potential than win state with poor performance.” I also asked him what teams he believed were their hardest opponents this year, and he mentioned St. Pauls, Ruston out of north Louisiana, Brother Martin who was a runner-up last year, and Airline. He told me how all these teams had great runners. Coach Boudreaux went on to talk about who the leading runners for the Orange Wave are so far. He mentioned Owen Simon, who has been the number one runner so far, as well as Joseph Ellis and Luke Bella, who are the number two and three runners. The rest of the team is also doing great this season and the team is looking solid as a whole. Lastly, I asked coach which runners he had seen the most improvement from. He shined light on Blaison Treuil because he has stepped up and is pushing for a top spot on the team. He went on to explain how there are many more guys than just Treuil who have stepped up this season so far. Coach is looking forward to seeing how senior Chris Cuntz will look this season after returning from an injury he suffered early August. The cross country team is looking strong this year after winning metro and regional and will be looking forward to what is to come in the state meet.