Homecoming Traditions

Wesley Callegan, Staff Writer


Baton Rouge, LA–Every year since many moons ago, the CHS Bears have celebrated Homecoming. The celebration begins on the Friday night before the dance where your Catholic High Bears face a district opponent.

Many different events take place all in one day, start early in the morning, and end late at night such as pictures, dinner, and the dance. The dance may be one night, but the events leading up to it take place many weeks before the wonderful night starts.

The homecoming traditions that start the whole weeks long process have to begin with the boy asking his date out with a nice poster. Senior Carson Smith ‘20, said his poster read, “I Donut want to go to Homecoming with anyone else.” His poster was classy, yet got his main question out to the girl. The hardest part about asking the girl to the dance can be the nervousness it causes. Smith said he was nervous because he could not build up the courage to do it. Unlike Smith, Joshua Wax ’22 took an easy route by saying, “I did it by Snapchat.” Most guys with girlfriends do not feel the nerves because it is implied they will be going with their girlfriend. Every guy is different when it comes to asking their date out.

Most groups will get together at one house, typically a girl’s house and take their homecoming pictures. Many of the girls in the groups love taking pictures while most guys don’t really care about the pictures. While the girls pose for Instagram, the guys usually just stand there ready to leave. The girls like to show off their dresses and makeup while the guys just go there to be there with their dates.

One of the most stressful homecoming experiences for everyone is deciding where to eat before the dance. It is very hard to choose because everyone has their own opinions about each restaurant. While dance-goers can take the traditional route of choosing a nicer restaurant, there are plenty of great homecoming places to go eat at on a wallet-friendly budget! Some examples are Izzos, Lit Pizza or Walk-Ons. All these places offer great food at fair prices.

Once dinner ends, the dance begins.

The dance is usually the same, year in and year out. Every dance features a lively band that usually plays cover songs that kids are able to have an enjoyable experience with. Every couple has a good time where they enjoy their friends and the always appreciated, chocolate fountain.

There is one tradition that Catholic High does where the senior class gets to vote on what young lady will be homecoming queen. There is only one problem with that, the queen does not have a counterpart to be the homecoming king. Sophomore Josh Wax said, “Well yeah that would make sense because the queen needs her date which would be the king” when asked about if we should have a homecoming king. The way the homecoming king should be decided is by using the same format that we use in order to select a queen and if that does not work, then the queen should have her date as the king.

Overall, homecoming is a great experience where many can enjoy the atmosphere of being in a gym filled with couples who are having a good time. Most boys do not realize that the girls love going to the dances and that they should do this for the girls and not just themselves. There are only four dances like this in a high school career, so make the most of them!