Spooky Szn in Review

Hayden McDowell, Staff Writer

Vancouver residents decorate their house for Spooky Szn

Alright guys, you know it, you love it, it’s that time of year where the kids go in and the vampires, ghosts, and inflatable sharks come out. That time, is Spooky Szn.

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. It’s that time of year whenever it’s acceptable to walk around as your favorite super hero, monster, or animal. It’s especially important to kids because it means that the one night a year where you can actually take candy from strangers is coming up.

The obvious part of Spooky Szn is Halloween. Halloween is a very important night to kids not only because they get free candy, but they also learn how to trade and barter. You know you’ve been there. You have that Milky Way that your friend loves and he has those Whoppers. You’re both eyeing each other’s candy and eventually one of you asks for a trade. Obviously, you agree because who doesn’t want those Whoppers? This is an important skill kids need to learn because it teaches them how you can trade something you have and don’t want for something someone has and you want. These skills can be used later in life for many reasons like bartering. One big tip for trading like this would be to first lay out all your candy. Then divide all your candy into three sections: good, bad, and maybe. After you do this you can eye down your friend’s piles who will be doing the same thing and hope you can find those Whoppers in their bad piles. Who wouldn’t want those delicious malted milk balls?

It’s not like Christmas where lights and blowups are the norm and everyone has it. Spooky Szn means you can decorate your house however want to. You can go with cute and have blowups of little animals dressed up, or you can go with spooky and have ghosts and ghouls around your house. I know a particular family who claimed that one day “Halloween threw up in the house” (they wanted to stay anonymous). It was amazing because I was greeted by hanging bats at the door and inside they had pumpkins, candy, witches; you name it, they had it. They also had something I had never thought of, but is genius, Christmas trees decorated for Spooky Szn. This is a perfect example of decorating the house both spooky and cute because while they have blowups of cats in costumes; they also spook you with a skeleton with a dog at its feet.

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Overall, Spooky Szn is one of the best times of year. Not only do you get free candy from strangers, you get to dress up, and learn how to trade. It’s also that time of year whenever the weather is perfect. It’s getting cooler and it’s that perfect time of your to go outside to dress up as your favorite shark, which only happens once a year… Spooky Szn.