5 Bumper Stickers to Make You the Coolest Kid in Westemoreland

Charlie Hebert, Staff Writer

Picture this, you’re walking around Westemoreland, admiring the scenery, and all of the sudden you realize something. Everyone has sick stickers on their cars and you don’t. You can’t get any clout if you are rolling into the parking lot with a barren rear window or bumper. No need to fear though. I have compiled a list of 5 bumper stickers guaranteed to make your car legendary.

5. AFTCO- Do you fish? Let the lot know with this classic fish-shaped decal. AFTCO is a popular outdoor brand known to keep outdoorsmen looking stylish. Catholic High baseball star Wesley Callegan described his AFTCO sticker as, “super-cool, because it shows people that you are an outdoor kid.” If this is the look you are trying to pull off, then go to AFTCO.com and get you one.

4. Vineyard Vines- The Pink Whale has been a classic status symbol of class and superiority. This sticker tells people that you care about how you dress no matter the occasion. You can even mix it up with fun styles like the hockey, golf, or lacrosse whale. If you want to show class, but not too much, this Vineyard Vines bumper sticker is for you.

3. 30A- The 30A wave has taken over Baton Rouge as a whole and it is hard to take a drive without seeing one these days. Whether it’s Watercolor or Rosemary, people are flocking to Florida by the thousands to vacation on the pristine Emerald Coast. There’s nothing quite like driving down to the beach and taking a long walk on the beach with your boys. What better way is there to tell the world this is the kind of life you live than putting it right on your car?

2. Star Wars- A great man once told me, “Everyone likes a good Star Wars thing.” That man was CHS senior Walker Ridge. Star Wars is a household name in the movie industry, and if you are someone that is an avid supporter of the franchise, this decal might be for you. There are many options out there for different Star Wars stickers. One example, popular with Toyota drivers, is a sticker with an outline of the popular character Yoda with the word “Toyoda” written across.

1. Bandwagon School- Kids these days love to cheer for athletic teams that seem to always be on the top of the leaderboard. What better way to show your support for a successful team than putting it right on your bumper? You could have Alabama LSU for football, Villanova for Basketball, or even the dominating Duke Blue Devils lacrosse team. It doesn’t matter what team you are supporting with your sticker, as long as they are winners, and it isn’t a school you ever plan on going to.