Meme Analysis

George Nassif, Staff Writer


Starting off small, we see the woke eyes. These are a common occurrence in animated characters to show that they are gaining power. In this instance, the ducks would be gaining power—or going super saiyan because they have laid their eyes upon the other duck.

Diving a little deeper, we see that the background image is Hannibal Burress, a popular comedian. The original template has him saying “wack”—meaning that the event described it not cool/ideal—but in this scenario, the bottom text has been mutated to say “quack” because it is talking about ducks. Ducks communicate among their raft brethren with quacks, making this a model example for how ducks warn each other about local gator presence.

This meme is a variation of a common meme that has been modified to fit the specific setting of a duck meeting another duck.

Overall grade: 7.5