How to Get to the Lunch Line Fast


Wyatt Erie

Students lined up for lunch in CHS Union.

Wyatt Erie, Staff Writer

There are over 350 students in each lunch period at CHS and we all have to go to the same place to get our food. This leads to a massive line and an outrageous wait. Lunch is first come first serve which means you have to find the fastest way to get to the union without running or looking like a clown. There are four very important things you need to do in order to assure an optimal spot in the lunch line.

  1. Find the easiest way to get out of the classroom so you don’t get caught in the initial traffic. You need to be packed and ready to go before the bell rings. You should also make sure the class is settled down before the bell so your teacher won’t hold you after the bell.
  2. Look at all the possible routes to get to the union from your class and figure out which one is the fastest. Some of them might require testing to figure out which is faster. The trickiest part of this process is not looking like a clown by sprinting to the lunch line. We can’t run around campus and you don’t want to speed walk because you’ll just look dumb and probably get roasted by your classmates. You need to have a very chill demeanor while walking to the lunch line; no one should be able to tell you are trying to get to lunch. This does not help with speed at all, but it allows you to keep your dignity.
  3. Have top tier maneuvering skills. One maneuvering tip is to always keep your eyes up and stay on the right side of the hall. You have to be able to avoid running into people because if you do you could end up behind a crowd of people that you can’t get around.
  4. If worst comes to worst and you get a class on the second floor of the science building before lunch, it’s pretty much pointless to try to get there fast because you’re always going to get beat. There’s no way around it. If this happens I recommend taking your time getting to lunch and just chill with your friends until the line dies down so you can go straight on through. Personally, I do this because it’s stress-free and you don’t waste any time waiting!