The Most FIRE Meals at CHS

Henry Walsh, Staff Writer

Catholic High School – It’s 10:12 A.M., the bell rings, and students with 4th hour lunch fly out of the classrooms, hoping to be first in line for lunch man Mr. Dave’s delicious meals. Day in and day out, students rush to try and be first in line for a warm meal at CHS.

Every student, regardless of age or position at Catholic High has a favorite meal at CHS. Thanks to our wonderful staff, students are provided a wide variety of meals to choose from. Some days yield new foods, and some days usually have student favorites on the hot lunch line. Along with all of the food options at Catholic High comes a wide variety of toppings and condiments that you can add to your favorite meals. Every student at CHS has a favorite meal, and some of them have special combinations that make the food feel like a gourmet meal.

When asked about his favorite food at CHS, Joel Keller ’20 said, “my favorite foods are the grilled chicken sandwich, cinnamon roll, and crispitos.” While his food choices span a wide range of foods, they are special meals to him and make him feel warm inside. Matthew DeGrauuw ’20 said, “I like the chicken tenders, blackened chicken pasta, and fried chicken sandwich.” Many students have favorite foods, but they also like to add special condiments to up their foods to the next level. While Matthew’s food choices are normal and boring, and Joel spices things up a little, it is safe to say that no matter what you choose you’re sure to satisfy your dietary needs.

With a wide variety of sauces and condiments to choose from, many people add special condiments and sauces to their favorite foods. Joel Keller states, “I enjoy the mayonnaise and eggs at the salad bar.” Joel’s condiment choices may be a little different than others, but to him it is special and makes him feel at home. The CHS Union is filled with toppings all the way from lettuce to hard-boiled eggs and fresh crab. CHS Band Director Mr. Messina said that, “I like to put ketchup on my chicken sandwich, and my burger too.”

Personally, my favorite meals at CHS are the crispitos, sausage patty, and the taco burrito wrap. For condiments, I like to add some mayo to my chicken sandwich, and maybe some honey mustard to my burger. The cafeteria at CHS executes perfectly with their take on certain foods, and they always come through with a warm and nutritious meal.

The one thing that every person on earth can enjoy is a well-prepared meal. Everyone can be brought together by food, just think of the many holidays where people come together over a meal. Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, Easter feast, Halloween brunch, everyone has a meal that brings them together. The food at Catholic High gives students the opportunity to take a break during the day, talk and hang out with their friends, and enjoy a comforting meal.