Climate Concerns, Marches, and The Future

Ebenezer Aggrey, Staff Writer

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images
Handmade sign on display at New York Climate Change March

On a Friday in September, students on every continent decided to protest the effects of climate change. The involvement in this grew to a tremendous number and it showed the governments across the world the youths’ concern for their future. It was the first time such a large number of young people showed their concern about climate change all over the world.

The goal of the protest was to create awareness about greenhouse gas emissions, one of the driving forces of a global break down. The interest showed by over 6 million students and young adults of the countries showed the level of concern these people have for climate change.

Many people at Catholic High School and St. Joseph’s Academy heard about the march and expressed their concerns on the topic. Caden Boudreaux, a senior at CHS expressed that big corporations are at fault in the effects of climate change saying, “Its giant corporations really producing these products that cause damage to the society and they like to blame it on the consumers when they are the ones really doing the dumping of waste.” He also agrees with the concerns expressed in the march saying, “The march makes sense and greenhouse gases are the most polluting out of all the dangerous causes of climate change, and so the march was a great start pointing us in the right direction towards a change very much needed.”  A change in the system is what students and children ask for in order so that they can have a future. Catherine Ethridge, a senior at SJA said, “Climate change is destroying the coast of the continent and the waters are rising due to gases being released into the air putting holes into the atmosphere, and I think we need to do something to stop this so that future generations could have a planet to live on.” It ultimately comes down to the concern of the government and if they care enough about the future. Just because a person does not live to see global warming happen does not mean it will not happen eventually.

The march for climate change shows the concern and awareness of the future generation. It shows how many people in the future will grow and work to help preserve the earth as long as possible. Many at CHS have educated themselves on this matter and would one day love to combat the problem with numerous solutions. I, for one, believe in climate change and the effects it could cause long term. If we do not act now and stop corporations, who have little regulation on fumes being released that damage the environment we will have no planet to live on. One of the main causes of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels. Most of the products we desire in life are made by the production of fossil fuels. In order to preserve the earth longer, we must cut down on products and make a change to alternative sources. The teens who protested are inspiring, showing tremendous courage, and have set the tone for change.