AAA: Open Opportunity

Ebenezer Aggrey, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 26th, the first-ever African American Affinity meeting at Catholic High School was conducted from 4:30-5:30 pm to discuss racial issues in the community.

The journey to this meeting started out last year when a group of guys at Catholic High decided that it was time for an upgrade in the environment of the school. After many meetings with the faculty and administration, they decided to start a club or group that accepted all kinds of diversity in order to provide a safe space and environment where these people could be themselves.

The purpose of the AAA meeting was to open up a discussion of how we perceive certain prejudices. Everyone started out eating and mingling together like a sort of communion or gathering together. They sat and socialized with students they have never met and got to know a little bit about them.

The meeting was very flexible, and the real discussion started whenever students were ready to begin. Students led the meeting, and adults gave attention to those who wanted their voices to be heard.

Once the meeting began, everyone was asked to stand and explain why they were at the meeting and what they hope to find here. The answers given were very open and honest, which is what was expected at an affinity group meeting. During the AAA meeting questions were asked, responses were given, and people listened. Students shared their feelings and personal experiences that they’ve faced in and out of our community.  The feeling of the atmosphere was an open and accepting experience.

The meetings interest people who are open-minded and willing to hear the opinions of others. The goal is to get more students to attend these meetings, so we can all grow closer to the Catholic High community. I, for one, enjoyed the conversations and what others had to say.  If anyone would like to come to the next meeting, dates will be announced over the intercom during 3rd-period announcements sometime in November.