How to Balance School and Life

Hayden Shaheen, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that at Catholic High, homework, tests, and other responsibilities can pile up on a student very quickly. Depending on whatever classes a student is in and how difficult it is, homework at night can range from 1-5 hours for some students.

One of the hardest things about being able to balance your work with your free time is time management. Time management is the key to success in being able to have a healthy amount of freedom while being able to get all of your work done. Many students choose to do other things after they get home instead of their homework. Doing your homework immediately when you get home is the key to finishing early and allowing yourself the most free time. Students also use valuable time to get their homework done during their lunch periods. A way to take advantage of this is going to the library after you eat and take care of the assignments you have. Many seniors take the opportunity to get an off period and use it to get a start on their homework.

Many students neglect to communicate with their teachers for help on assignments. Most teachers at Catholic are more than happy to help you complete an assignment. They are also very understanding if you tell them you are swamped with other assignments; many teachers will push their due dates back if it fits within their lesson plan. Teachers can also help you learn the smartest and fastest way to complete assignments while still being able to learn the material. Many students can be scared to talk to their teachers, but you just have to communicate.