Best Things to do in Baton Rouge

Chance Simpson, Staff Writer

Perkins Rowe

Perkins Rowe is a classic hangout spot for students, complete with Cinemark theater, restaurants, shops, and a hammock. A group of friends can spend hours here. You can shop in Urban Outfitters, see the latest Marvel movie, or even take some time to study in Barnes and Noble with a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks.


Down for a chill walk with friends next to the river or a nice sunset? Well, downtown is the place for you. There are endless opportunities downtown from local restaurants to live, local music and festivals such as Blues Fest and Live After Five.


One of the newer entries on this list, Topgolf is new facility for a completely different golfing experience. With golf ball tracing tech, you and your friends can see who the best golfer is and also enjoy some of the food that is served in-house. Topgolf is almost like a bowling alley but with golf, with separate lanes for each group. With multiple other activities to choose from such as virtual golfing rooms, pool, and foosball, it could appeal to any person in your group.


Want to go shopping with the boys but don’t know any good shops? The Mall of Louisiana is the perfect place. There are countless stores to choose from. You can buy a homecoming suit at Dillard’s or a new pair of shoes from the Vans store. They have almost everything under the sun. After your shopping you can enjoy a meal in the food court or even a movie at the AMC across the street.

BREC Skate Park

Everyone has that one skateboard they bought when they were ten in hopes of becoming the next Tony Hawk. Why not put it to use at the BREC Skate Park? You could be good at it! Riding around with a few friends is a perfect way to both have fun and get good exercise.

13th Gate

The 13th Gate is one of the best haunted houses in Louisiana, but it’s only open for a month out of the year. If you missed it this year, they also have the 13th Gate Escape, a series of themed escape rooms that are open year-round. It’s a fun time to go with a group of friends and see if you can escape.

Tiger Stadium

Louisiana is known for its extravagant fan base and great food. Why not experience both at an LSU Football game? Walking through the tailgates you can smell fresh jambalaya, boudin, and countless other Cajun foods. After that you can walk into Death Valley and cheer on the LSU football team along with one of the best student sections in the country.

LSU lakes

If you need some exercise or just want to relax for a day, the LSU lakes may be the best spot. Biking around the lakes may be a very peaceful experience and can be fun with a group of friends. You could also kayak or just look at some turtles.