Best Memes of the Decade


Owen P. Nassif and Hayden McDowell


Another decade has come and gone again. Before we get too far into 2020, and the start of a new decade, We want to take a look back at the best memes from the past ten years. The 2010’s can easily be called the Decade of the Meme’s because it saw the popularity and acceptance of memes skyrocket all across the world

  1. Kermit the Frog Memes

A hallmark of memes, this classic has been popular from the start of the decade to the end. While there are many iterations of the Kermit the Frog meme, the most mainstream one is Kermit drinking Lipton iced tea while saying “But That’s None of My Business”. This version of Kermit is used when someone is throwing shade at another person or talking about gossip. Everyone knows and loves this meme, from the Karen’s on Facebook to the r/meme kids on Reddit.


2.     Just every SpongeBob Meme

This is a given. SpongeBob memes are timeless and never in poor taste. Titans of meme culture, SpongeBob memes set the bar for all other memes. Thousands of different memes have come out of SpongeBob. Very few memes will ever be able to rival the legend of the SpongeBob meme.,,,,


3.    Shrek

In recent years, the movie Shrek has seen a resurgence in popularity. From Shrek kicking the door of his outhouse open, to the song “All Star”, or Shrek yelling at Donkey, many a meme has been made out of the movie. Shrek’s diversity and longevity are what earns it a spot on this list.


4. Baby Yoda

The new kid to the block, Baby Yoda became popular after Disney’s “Mandalorian”. This adorable little creature took the internet by storm towards the end of 2019. All people can appreciate the simplicity and beauty of Baby Yoda.


5. Grumpy Cat

One of the great memes that gained popularity at the beginning of the decade, Grumpy Cat, is a legend even among the best of memes. Sadly, Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, died in May of 2019, but his contributions to the memes community will never be forgotten.


6.   Nyan Cat

First introduced to the world in a music video posted in 2011, The cat instantly gained fame for the catchy music in the background and the cute pixelated cat.  Nyan cat is a gif that is primarily found in Twitch chat being spammed by thousands of viewers.


7.    Troll face

Used in order to incite anger in both friends and foes, Troll face is a classic from the beginning of the decade that has stood the test of time. Often found being spammed in Twitch chat, troll face’s purpose is exactly what it names entails, to troll the person who the meme is directed towards. For this reason, Troll face makes the list.


8.   Harambe

The Messiah of the memes, Harambe died so that all memes could thrive. While he may not be as popular as he once was, Harambe’s social clout has allowed for memes to further solidify themselves in pop culture. A true hero to all meme, Harambe walked so that all memes could run.



9. Tik Tok, Vine, Musicly

Last but certainly not least we have the combined power of Vine, Musicly, and Tik Tok. Like a Phoenix, all of these video-sharing platforms have risen out of the ashes of the one before it. Many quality memes, and trends have come out of these various platforms. Vine was the first forefather of the three, and the seven second videos produced on Vine would go on to have both major impact on pop culture as well as meme culture as a whole.  And while Musically was seen as a step back from Vine, Tik Tok was able to revive this type of platform, and bring it to its fullest potential. For this reason, these three platforms deserve a spot on this list.


10. Supa Hot Fire

Yet another viral video from the mid 2010’s, Supa Hot Fire earned its place on this list due to the many soundbites that have come from it. Supa Hot Fire is mostly used in conjunction with other videos as a way to make them more funny. Due to Supa Hots history and the creativity in which it is used, Supa Hot has earned the final spot on this list.

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