Baby Yoda


The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Credit: Lucasfilm

George Nassif, Staff writer

With the release of Disney +, Disney’s new streaming service launched in December 2019, the world was introduced to Baby Yoda.  The pseudonym of Baby Yoda was given to the unnamed Yoda-like child by the audience after his first appearance on screen in Episode One. Before The Mandalorian, it was believed that Yoda was the last remaining creature of his species. Due to his surprise introduction into the series, he became an internet sensation overnight. Baby Yoda quickly became the sole reason many viewers tuned into the weekly releases of The Mandalorian. He also became a viral internet meme due to the many templates that can be made from his mannerisms in the show. Because Baby Yoda resembles a baby, he is a very appealing meme option for Facebook moms as they tend to be drawn to adorable baby like memes. The innocence that Baby Yoda also increases his appeal to the audience because whenever he does something in the show, it is followed by an “aw look how cute.” This kind of reaction leads to people wanting to continue to watch The Mandalorian to see what he does next. Due to his nature, Baby Yoda has become a loveable embodiment of everything Star Wars and is a way for Fanatics to connect with the everyday fans.