The ACT is Evolving

The ACT is Evolving

Ebenezer Aggrey, Staff Writer

The ACT is Evolving

By Ebenezer Aggrey

On October 8th, 2019, high school students all over the nation drew their eyes toward news networks when the ACT Testing company decided to allow students to retake individual test sections on the ACT. The attention this announcement grew was phenomenal and was seen as a way to benefit future test takers scores. The change will go into effect for fall of the 2020 school year.

The ACT company has stated that students will now be allowed to take individual test sections on the ACT. They claim that the students come first and the purpose of this change is to raise the scores of students taking the test. The ACT company hopes that by taking only one section of the ACT, students will have a higher chance at raising their score because they’ll be able to focus on tough sections.

Instead of taking the ACT test in a booklet and scantron the ACT company is working on making the ACT digital. Students are evolving with the world and old systems must adapt and change in order to fit in and be relevant to what students are used to. Students are familiar with technology so it is a good idea to upgrade the test and make it digital.

Because the change of 2020, most colleges will start accepting super scores from the ACT. This means that if a person has taken the ACT more than once, a college will take the best scores from each section and average the score to make a higher composite score. The goal of the ACT company is to help students succeed and get into college with these changes, it seems that mission statement is true.

Colleges look at the ACT as a consistent measure of a person’s readiness to move onto the next level of education. So much rides on gaining a good score on the ACT because it can be the deciding factor of where most students choose to go to school for their careers/education. With these changes to the test, it is expected that students’ scores will increase. These changes to the ACT seem to be benefiting the students of the future, but what about the seniors now? How does this benefit us? As a senior, I feel as if we have been given up on and now the ACT company is moving on to help the students after us. Where is the fairness in this decision? The CHS Honor Code talks about how cheating is giving students an unfair advantage that other students may not have. By allowing students to take certain sections, is it fair to those students who were forced to take the whole ACT test?

One way colleges can make entries fair is to increase their ACT score requirements. Is this something colleges are willing to do or will do in order to preserve their control on college acceptance? With these changes students will gain a better percentage making it into college than others have had in the past, thus giving those students a better future and opportunity in life.  We may have to ask ourselves if changing the ACT test is even worth doing. If the ACT company continues to make ACT testing easier for students it will be an ineffective tool for colleges to watch for student growth.