Valentine’s Day: Do We Need It?

Valentines Day: Do We Need It?

Hayden McDowell, Staff Writer

Alright fellas, it’s almost that time of year to grab that special someone and call them that special something. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Everyone has known about it since they were little. You know, back in grade school whenever everyone would go around the class and put candy in each other’s bag? The simple days. Now Valentine’s is the day of the year where you bring that special someone in your life his/her favorite flowers, chocolate, and some form of a stuffed bear. But aside from the bear why can’t you just do the chocolate and flowers regularly to show that person you care? I know if someone were to bring me some chocolates and flowers just because I’d feel pretty special. Maybe if you’re really feeling like surprising them, get them a card every now and then and write them a sweet little message. It’s really the small things that make the difference. But some people only do this on a specific day–Feb 14. If you really want to show someone how much you care you could do it monthly and get them something small and sweet. Something from the heart instead of just waiting for this one day to do all that. The point I’m trying to make is: Why do we have Valentine’s Day?

I get it, it’s the day that you can hang out with that special someone or even just with a close friend and y’all can do something together. But why is that limited to Valentine’s Day? In reality, why do we have Valentine’s day? Is it a day to just spend money on that special someone? Is it a day where you go out on a basic date like a restaurant and a movie? Is it just a day where y’all hang out and watch a movie at each other’s house? Or is it just a marketing scam?

In the end, Valentine’s day could be deduced to a marketing scam. When looking at it on a base level, it’s the day we celebrate St. Valentine—who represented love. But when you take a closer look, the market has taken advantage of this special day to advertise stereotypical gifts and make money off of people who feel pressure to participate. They advertise using phrases like “show them you care this Valentine,” or “show her she’s the one.” They do this to make their consumers think that is the way to show your Valentine that you care, this is especially pressuring to guys because they are given the unrealistic expectation to buy all the flashiest things even if they can’t afford it. In the end, if the girl wants to be with you, it’s not the big and flashy things she wants. It’s the small things from your heart that mean the most to her.

As an aside, I don’t know where this huge craze for getting the biggest bear out there came from, but it’s just plain horrible. People are dropping hundreds of dollars on a teddy bear, for what? An Instagram picture? That’s all you really get. What are you supposed to do with the bear after? It’s huge and takes up too much space. I guess it’s just a product of the society we live in. We have this sense of competition on social media, only posting the best of our lives to make people jealous and make us look better and happier. So the giant bear is all really just for show and to show people that that somehow makes them “better” than everyone else.

In conclusion, Valentine’s Day should just be canceled because everything it stands for should be done on a regular basis. We shouldn’t need some special day to tell us what to do and what to get for someone. If you truly care about that someone, then you’ll show them in small ways throughout the year instead of just one big show once a year.