Tips for a Good Decade


Hayden Shaheen, Staff Writer

2020 is here everyone. The end of a decade. A fresh start. New opportunities. A new chance to make your mark on the world. All of these can be a way to look at the new year finally being upon us, but also we know here at the Bearly Published it can also be very scary and intimidating. For most people, the New Year means resolutions, and new promises about bettering ourselves. While all these things are very good some people get to caught up in how good they sound and never actually do them. This can put them on a downward track for the year and maybe for another decade.

Here we will dive into some ways to keep the new decade full of happiness and joy and make you productive. For all the people who already signed up at a gym: I’m sorry but it may not be the best way to go in order to start off the new year on then right note. If you weren’t already signed up for a gym and didn’t do any exercise already it means you were either lazy or too busy. Trying to add an hour workout every day to a busy schedule is a recipe for disaster and ultimately sadness and a feeling of failure. Instead of going gym crazy try to just e fit 20 minutes of exercise in every day and slowly start a new diet. Now a diet is not to be looked at as a punishment for yourself and cause you to stop eating, it can simply come from a lifestyle change of the types off foods you eat.  This way you will be able to easily maintain this, feel better, and not feel the stress of having to go to the gym

For the people who feel they need to be more productive, possibly a change in schedule could be a good idea for them. Waking up earlier allows for people to be alert and more productive sooner in the day. In doing this people get things done earlier and have the ability to go to sleep and get proper rest. It’s known that people who get the adequate amount of sleep are always in a better mood and have better days.

We also understand that some people may have finished off the year with a feeling of lonesome and feel like they need someone in their life. A great way to fix this is putting yourself in social environments and meeting new people. Being in this environment causes you too to be nice to people and they will most likely be nice back. From this interaction you make new friends who you can hang out with. This will help you fill a feeling of emptiness in your life.

The new year/ decade can be a very scary time for people but you just have to keep in mind that it is a great chance for you to start over. It’s a fresh slate and opens a world of opportunities for you to change and start something new to try and make it a better year for yourself.