Best commercials from Super Bowl 54

The Super Bowl has always been one of the most watched events in the U.S. On average the Super Bowl has 7.5 million individual viewers. This means that the Super Bowl is the best possible place for companies to advertise but it comes with a steep price tag.

The first Super Bowl commercial was in 1967. It cost $75,000, $317,000 in today’s money. Today’s Super Bowl commercials cost over 5 million dollars because advertising has become so much more relevant. The number one place for advertising is television. The amount of television users has been increasing rapidly over the years which has influenced many more companies to start advertising also. Since companies are paying so much money to advertise, they make sure that their commercials are extra entertaining and engaging; this is why all the best commercials are featured during the Super Bowl.

Mean Joe Greene’s Coca Cola commercial was one of the first commercials to become famous; it brought in over $200,000 in revenue according to Southern Living. In 1984, Apple aired what is still considered one of the best Super Bowl commercials to date. The commercial was Apple’s first introduction of “Macintosh” or “Mac” as we all know it. The commercial was very weird and futuristic which fit perfectly with anomaly of the Mac during that time.  These commercials set the bar for all the Super Bowl commercials to come.

With quite a reputation to live up to, this year’s Super Bowl commercials definitely delivered. Following are the best of the best from the 2020 Super Bowl.

#1: “Can’t Touch This” | Cheetos

This is my favorite commercial that was featured during the Super Bowl. It features MC Hammer and his song “U Can’t Touch This.” The commercial features a guy eating the new Cheeto’s popcorn with Cheeto dust all over his fingers and he is asked to do various tasks but he “can’t touch this” because he has too much Cheeto dust on his fingers. This commercial is very humorous and relatable because we all know how it feels to have Cheeto dust all over our fingers.


#2: “Take Five” | Reese’s

This commercial is my number two because it is very relatable just like the Cheetos’ commercial. It uses phrases that we all have either said or heard before such as “Have you been living under a rock?” or “Were you born yesterday?”. Reese’s takes these phrases and shows them as they are literally happening. For example, when the lady asks “Have you been living under a rock?” the screen cuts to a guy literally living under a rock. Reese’s does this with various different phrases which gave me a good laugh.


#3: “Loretta” | Google

This commercial was hard to not like because it really got to your emotions. The commercial features an old man recalling all the things he wants to remember about his wife and it’s pretty cute. This commercial is my number 3 just because I like a good laugh more than a tear jerker.


#4: Rocket Mortgage ft. John Momoa

This commercial is meant to bring out the comfort of being at home. Rocket Mortgage does this by using Aquaman superstar Jason Mamoa who is known for being big and ripped. In the commercial Jason Momoa says when he is at home he feels comfortable in his own skin. He then peels off his muscles and shows his real body. I thought this was quite funny to see Jason Momoa turn into a tiny little man. Although the commercial was already pretty good the main reason this commercial made the top five is the ending clip of Jason hitting a bench press. Click the video to see it for yourself.


#5: “Before Alexa” | Amazon Alexa

This commercial features Ellen DeGeneres and her wife. In the commercial Ellen asks her wife what life was like before Alexa and Amazon proceeds to show several different scenarios where Alexa was being used before technology. Each scene was humorous and entertaining and I was amused throughout the entire commercial which is why this commercial is number 5 on my list.


Honorable mention:

“Rick and Morty” | Pringles,


“The Cool Ranch” | Doritos


“The Return of Mr. Peanut” | Planters