Snapchat vs. Instagram: Who’s Superior?


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Snapchat vs. Instagram: who’s superior?

Henry Walsh, Staff Writer

Instagram v Snapchat: Who’s the Superior Social Media?

Friday, 2:47 – You just got out of school and are getting ready for the exciting weekend. You and your boys have plans, and many other friends do as well. You decide to share with your followers about the awesome time you’re having with your friends, but which platform do you use?

The majority of students at Catholic High have some form of social media. Whether it’s mainstream or not, they have some way to share with the world the excitement of their lives. Some of these exhilarating posts include what food they are eating, who they are with, and pictures of their TV’s after LSU won the National Championship.

But a question remains on where to post about their thrilling lives and activities. The two biggest forms of social media used by high school students are Instagram and Snapchat. When asked which social media he would give up, senior Daniel Meche said, “I feel that I would give up Instagram, because I use Snapchat to communicate with others, and I feel like it is a better platform. Most of the services Instagram offers I could replace with Snapchat.” Daniel feels that Snapchat does a better job of providing a wide range of ways to post, and allows for a more personal connection with his friends.

One of the burdens on social media users is the stress of managing their account. Junior Jack Wilkinson says, “In my opinion, [I prefer] Instagram, because it is just your profile page while on snapchat you get a lot of texts from other people.” To make your social media page exciting, you have to keep it updated. Jack Wilkinson enjoys the ease of being able to manage his Instagram page, and not having to stress about how people view him on social media.

Things posted on your Snapchat disappear after 24 hours, unlike Instagram where it stays up until you take it down. Freshman Tre’ Webre said, “You can see what is going on in other people’s lives, and see what they like to do.” Through Instagram, you are able to build a more structured look into your life, and you can allow people to develop a sense of your personality.

Personally, I enjoy using Snapchat over Instagram, because I can develop a more personal relationship with the person that I am snapping. On Instagram, I can only show one event or thing that I was a part of, but with Snapchat I feel it is easier to talk and get to know a person better.

One of the biggest hot topics when it comes to social media is the question of whether or not it is addictive. Senior Daniel Meche said, “I feel as if we live in an age where we rely on social media. Some people can feel the pressure to make their lives seem perfect, which can lead to various mental health issues.” Social media can be harmful, with many people looking for validation in their posts. When posting on social media, there are three big things to remember:

  1. Don’t search for validation on social media.
  2. Don’t make your page too personal.

Whether you’re Team Instagram or Team Snapchat, each platform gives you the opportunity to learn more about a person, and you can give insight into what your life is like to others. Social media, while it can be addictive, allows people to share their lives with others. Social media in moderation is healthy and is a great way to keep in touch with the people in your life.