CHS Trucks

Connor Taylor , Staff Writer

At Catholic High School trucks are very important to many students. Trucks aren’t just some ordinary vehicle that gets you from point A to point B when you need it to. In fact, a man’s truck represents so much about its driver. Many boys at Catholic spend countless hours cleaning, detailing, and perfecting the look and sound of their pride and joy. There is a known stereotype for Catholic High boys and just teenagers in general.  By just taking a walk through Westmoreland on a crisp 62 degree Monday morning will tell you can see everything you need to know about Catholic High trucks. From the lift kits to the loud exhaust, everyone has their own unique style and taste that they have implemented into their trucks. Many students from other schools around Baton Rouge can point out a Catholic High student on the road due to their truck. Students, this is something that we should take pride in and keep up the Catholic High Truck reputation.