Walker Ridge, Staff Writer

Here at Catholic High School, our dress code allows the students to sport a wide variety of dress shoes. Whether it comes to the classic Sperry that never disappoints, a loafer you can quickly slip on in the morning, or a screaming “I GO TO CATHOLIC HIGH” Wallabee, you will see all of these and more throughout the day. These three shoes have dominated the campus over the past few years.

In my eyes, the boat shoe might be at the top of the list. It’s the go-to in my closet Monday through Friday and as normal has the Sperry is it works wonders. Sperry guys just go with it. They are very easy – going and give no trouble. Although the Sperry does have laces, they hold together pretty well. I don’t think I have tied my Sperry’s in the last six months, but you know what is even better than laces that never come untied? No laces at all.

The loafer is a super casual dress shoe that also gives you cloud walk swag. You can slip those puppies on and be the coolest guy on campus that day. Loafers kids all in all just have a good stride going when rocking these pair of shoes and, trust me, people notice.

The last of the big three is the Wallabee. The Wallabee does give you some height with the nice soles of the shoe for the kids that want to up their height. Another cool thing about them is you can get the high tops or the lows. If I had to describe Catholic High shoes in one word, it would be Wallabee by a long-shot.

There are a couple of other dress shoes that show up on Catholic’s campus, but these three are on the


top and there’s no question about. This being said, if you got a little brother coming in the next couple of years let him try on some of these shoes so he can start making the tough decision of which one to wear. One we all had to make freshman year.